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Faust is more than a theatre performance. It is a violent, emotional and visceral extra-sensorial experience that has become a benchmark in the history of Romanian theatre. It has been the most sought-after performance for the past 11 years with nearly impossible to get tickets. This comes as no surprise since the critic for The Observer critic said “I would sell my soul just to see Faust one more time”. A unique production involving more that 100 actors that takes in an abandoned industrial hall was missing just one thing: a brand identity. One that would make it stand out. It is not common for a theatre performance to have a brand since most of the branding lies in the name itself. 

The organizers decided that the performance lacked a set of visually striking merchandise and we worked together to create a unique identity for it. The logo features a clean wordmark and a kerning trick that makes it appear to be leaning left (pointing to the left hand path, or the devil on the shoulder) even though the vertical of the fork is always straight and narrow.

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